It is not rare for a hobby to boomerang when you least expect it to. But for it to boomerang in the form of a career is something surprising. The same happened with us. I always had a love for stationery, and wherever we travelled, stationery always tempted me.

Being a mom, I always wanted to do something special for my kids' birthday return gifts  so the journey began when I was looking for return gifts for my son's birthday. I came across the idea of making personalized gifts. Everyone just loved the return gifts so the idea stuck in my mind. The products we offer are not just aesthetic and high on quality, but also come with a heavy dose of rationalization which makes them even better.

I realized that stationery makes me happy and it makes me sparkle from within...So the name stuck in my mind was Silver Glitter.

Our aim is to offer our clients products that are aesthetic and high on quality, stuff that'll delight the grown-ups and excite the kids! 

So take a look around and see what sparks your interest!

Best Regards,
Kaash Bhuchar and Sanjam Hingle
Silver Glitter

Shipping & Delivery Schedule  |  Payment Terms

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Payment Terms

We accept payment through NEFT or a cheque deposit in our PNB Bank Account. Information is sent to you after you have confirmed an order through your shopping cart.

We accept Cod in Delhi and NCR only.

For queries regarding payment write to us at
Shipping & Delivery Schedule

We ship our orders several times a month according to a fixed delivery schedule. Return gift orders are usually shipped in 10-15 days from the date of order confirmation.

Orders are sent out via courier services, and reach customers in 2-3 days from the date of dispatch.